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Blood Flow Restriction

I use SmartCuffs both personally and clinically. I highly recommend them for they are extremely comfortable, not too expensive, and come with an easy to read manual. Refer to my blog for an in depth description.

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A great device and unique in a sense they have an automatic pump attached to the band therefore no external devices/wires. Airbands sync with an app on your phone, allowing you to inflate and measure pressure through the app. Now that's cool! A bit more pricey, but well worth the money in my opinion.

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Massage Gun

Massage gun works great for relieving muscle tightness in any body part, especially the shoulders. With different head attachments, it's excellent for finding your comfort level. Massage guns are also great for post workout recovery for increasing blood flow to those sore muscles! Only $150!


A TENS unit is great for pain relief. The best part: can be used for any body part! For those wanting to relax while receiving pain relief, this modality is an excellent choice! Only $50!


Back and Neck Massager

Want to get a neck massage while you relax and watch TV? Check out this awesome neck massager, only $50!

Infrared Heating Pad

This isn't your ordinary heating pad. Permeable, made to penetrate deeper into the muscle belly, this heating pad delivers excellent results. Great to relax those tight muscles or post workout recovery. Only $140!

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